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Jobward allows you to focus on placement!
Managing candidates can take a lot of time. Jobward streamlines that work so you spend their time where it counts!
Who is a recruiter?
You may work for an agency, inside a company, or as a freelancer, but our tools helps if you sit in the middle between the job seeker and the person who hires them.
How does the free trial work?
Your subscription starts as soon as you sign up. There is NO CREDIT CARD or CONTRACT required on the free trial. At the end, of you free trial you will need to either use the self service to choose a plan and enter a credit card or contact us to sign a contract. The free trial includes the full software, but there are some limits related to the number of jobs and invitations that can be sent.
What happens when the free trial ends?
At the end of the trial, you will no longer be able to access the account. If you don't convert to a paid plan before that happens - don't worry! Your data will be kept safe and you will still have access to reactivate your account.
What types of payments do you accept?
The self-service billing system accepts credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. If you'd like us to accept purchase orders or take any form of offline payments please chat with us to sort out the details.
Do I need to enter my credit card info to sign up?
No! You can sign up and use Jobward for 7 days without entering your credit card details. At the end of your trial you will need to pick a plan and enter you credit card details.
Are there any setup fees?
There are no setup fees or hidden charges with any of our plans.
Are there any overage fees?
The system prevents you from going over your limits on your plan. So there are no overage fees for the use of Jobward.
Can I pay quarterly?
We currently offer a month-to-month plan or an annual plan.
Does Jobward integrate with 3rd party apps?
At this time, Jobward is completely stand alone. It makes it easy to get your data into and out of the system, but it does not directly integrate with any other recruiting platforms.
What if I need more time on the trial?
Please reach out to us! We want you to be confident in your purchase.
What happens if I exceed the limits on my plan?
The system will warn you as you are getting close to the limit. You will need to upgrade your plan once you hit any of your limits.
Can I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel anytime during the trial or your subscription. Your account will remain active until the time on your trial/subscription runs out. You will not receive a refund for unused time.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?
If you need to change you plan, you can do it yourself in your account. The billing system will pro-rate the new subscription.
Do you offer discounts on subscriptions?
If you provide us with actionable product feedback, we can discount your subscription rate up to 90%.
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